Relief at last

from itchy, irritating rashes


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  • This product really worked for me when nothing else did! It relieved the maddening itch of my rash and proceeded to dry it up.

    Bronx Girl

  • Great for soothing & drying out poison ivy blisters/rashes.


  • This really helped clear up a serious skin rash. I’m so glad I found it!


  • First time I’ve found anything that actually takes care of poison ivy. Follow the instructions and it starts to dry up after the first application.

    Elizabeth R.

  • I am allergic to tree sap. While I was out removing an old juniper bush from my yard, some of the branches broke the skin on my shins. These scratches turned into a full blown rash with seeping, itching, blistering, and burning. I was at my wits end, and finally a pharmacist recommended Domeboro. Relief in the first treatment.

    H. Smith

  • This is an excellent product to alleviate skin irritation! I got some kind of unknown rash on my arm. It looked worse than poison ivy, but the dermatologist said it wasn’t. She recommended Domeboro, and it reduced the itching right away and after about thirty-six hours, it started to go away.

    J. Richardson

  • This is absolutely the most amazing treatment I’ve ever used for poison ivy irritation. I get the rash very severely. It was almost cleared up in 3 days! I’ve purchased more for future use.


  • Last year I was bitten by mosquitoes and my skin started to itch pretty badly. I Googled for some relief and found this. Domeboro was the only thing that gave it relief.


  • This is a great product for soothing irritation from poison ivy… It worked fast and did the job.

    Jeane S.

  • This was recommended to me by my dermatologist for my very sensitive skin. I had an allergic reaction to a product and this dried the hives out and stopped the itching. It is so very helpful to me.

Domeboro*** February 20, 2019